Diapers “Senso baby Junior”

Diapers “Senso baby Junior”

Moisture indicatorMoisture indicator
Stretchable soft earsStretchable soft ears
Levels for symmetrical fixationLevels for symmetrical fixation

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Diapers “Senso baby Junior”
  • Elastic side ears Allow you to securely hold the diaper on the body of the baby and do not hamper movement, and also ensure maximum fit of the diaper to the body of the baby, even when he is actively moving. Elastic ears, unlike the back gum, more reliably fix the diaper, not constraining the movement of the child and not squeezing the baby’s skin.
  • Reusable fasteners Not only retain their properties with repeated use, but also allow you to achieve proper «fit» of the diaper on the body, which makes it more comfortable for the baby.
  • Reliable barriers Protect from side leakage, stretch easily and do not squeeze the baby’s feet.
  • ADL – Extra Absorbent Layer Evenly distributes moisture over the entire surface of the absorbent layer, preventing clumping.
  • Breathable outer layer With the smallest micropores, made of non – woven material, allows air to circulate freely and prevents diaper rash and irritation.
  • Moisture indicator Shows when you need to change the diaper.
  • Line for symmetric fixation Allows you to properly fix the diaper on the body of the baby.