Brand history

The BelEmsa company is a manufacturing enterprise with foreign private capital. The founder and investor is the Turkish company ” UÇAR GROUP”, it is also the founder and co-founder of several firms of various profiles in Turkey and Belarus.

“BelEmsa” LLC is the first manufacturer of children’s disposable diapers under the trademark “SENSO BABY” in the Republic of Belarus.

In 2011, the company «UÇAR GROUP» launched a project for the production of personal care products, becoming a resident of the Mogilev free economic zone. In the regional center, a production facility was built, on the premises of which a modern and high-tech European line for the production of children’s disposable diapers with a capacity of 112 million pieces per year was located.

In August 2012, a ceremonial launch of the production line took place. The opening was attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee Pyotr Rudnik, Head of the Administration of the Mogilev FEZ Alexey Yakovlev, Charge d’Affaires of Turkey in the Republic of Belarus.

The enterprise was created with the aim of offering domestic and foreign consumers a high-quality product of Belarusian production at a price significantly more competitive than foreign counterparts, increasing the share of domestically produced goods in the country’s total commodity turnover and implementing an import substitution program.

All raw materials used in the manufacture of «SENSO BABY» diapers are tested in accredited laboratories for hygienic safety indicators provided by the technical regulations of the Customs Union, comply with sanitary rules and standards for this type of product.

Raw materials suppliers are leading companies from the USA, Finland, Turkey, France, Germany, South Korea and the Czech Republic.

Later, a modern, fully automated production line for the production of sanitary wet wipes, which has no parallel in Belarus, and the Eurasian Economic Union was launched. Due to the use of modern systems of preparation, filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, the quality indicators of the wet wipes by “BelEmsa” are much higher than of the competitors’ products.

Also, BelEmsa LLC produces disposable three-layer masks for adults and children under the Senso MED trademark. When applied, the mask does not irrite the skin and provides high degree of protection against bacteria, viruses and other harmful influences, which has been confirmed by laboratory tests carried out in Europe and America while obtaining medical certificates. The mask also has a nose clip for a snug fit to the face. The masks  manufacturing technology includes wide ear loops that do not rub on skin and don’t cause any discomfort during long-term wearing.

Today, the company’s product range includes baby and adult diapers, wet wipes, including those with an antibacterial effect, and wet toilet paper. Trademarks of BelEmsa LLC, such as Senso Baby, Senso Baby Ecoline, Baby Mom, Baby Mom Econom, Senso, Senso Med, Belamed, are known not only in Belarus.

The purpose of the company’s work is to bring warmth and comfort to every household.